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by Dr. Paul D. Ackerman

131 pages; ©1986

Exciting evidences for recent creation! 13 chapters packed with hard-hitting scientific evidence showing that the Earth cannot be millions of years old.  Well documented, with references; a time-tested creation science classic!

Updated KJV

800 pages; ©1611

The Updated KJV UKJV is NOT a new translation, but rather the SAME King James (AV) Bible, from 1611, but with modernized word-endings, e.g. "heareth & receiveth" into: "hears & receives", et cetera. It is in the public domain.  See the Preface.

by Luther D. Sutherland

192 pages; ©1988

Researchers in the field of evolution have produced no verifiable facts that would validate their theory conclusively.  Darwin's Enigma: Fossils and Other Problems (Ebbing the Tide of Naturalism) focuses the spotlight of truth on the theory of evolution, showing that the dramatic fossil evidence indicates that all life did not have a common ancestor! 

"Creation vs. Evolution Handbook"
by Thomas F. Heinze     GO TO HEINZE SECTION

(121 pgs.)

(152 pgs.)

(182 pgs.)

(157 pgs.)

(160 pgs.)

(158 pgs.)

by William I. Thompson III, M.Sc.

139 pages; ©2013

This annotated bibliography on celestial catastrophism was prepared to keep track of articles, books, reports, and other related media to potential catastrophic events caused by astral visitors such as planets, asteroids, and comets to planet Earth.

by Bryan Orford

130 pages; ©2010, 2015

Noah's Flood in Southern Africa will give you a glimpse of the past, showing that Noah's Flood also permanently changed Southern Africa.  Extensive archaeological and geological research has been done on the continent of Africa, with attention paid to the wide variety of pre-Flood species - many of which are now extinct, or only exist in other part of the globe.  Author Bryan Orford is a native of Zimbabwe, and he brings his expertise to this unique publication.

by Walter and Valeria Lang

100 pages; ©1984

In September of 1963 Walter Lang decided that, as an aid to his efforts in promoting creationism, it was necessary to publish a Bible-Science Newsletter on a regular basis. ...What really sparked the modern creationist movement was the publication in 1961 of the book titled The Genesis Flood. Authors are Dr. Henry Morris, an hydraulics engineer, and Dr. John Whitcomb, a professor of theology.

by Dr. Erich von Fange

135 pages; ©1984

The exciting story of the archeology of words and the alphabet! The complete and true story of the development of the greatest invention of  them all - the alphabet.  Written for all who wish to examine possibilities for the origin of the alphabet within a biblical framework.

by George McCready Price

128 pages; ©1925

A 1925 Creation Science book from the same year as  the Scopes "Monkey" Trial.  This book shows that science from the mid-1920's supported creation theory, then as now, and that we can have confidence in the authority of Scripture. Many of the fraudulent evolutionary arguments that we still wrestle against were addressed and successfully answered in this (now Public Domain) FREE book.

by Assmuth and Hull

100 pages; ©1915

For almost half a century - over 80 scientists - in the late 19th Century repeatedly exposed the fraudulent embryonic drawings of German biologist, Ernst Haeckel.  But old evolutionary frauds die hard!  The dishonest "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" and infamous "gill slits" were never, ever true.

 A Jewish Historian 
in Rome · 37-100 A.D.

4 Books; Public Domain

Josephus was commissioned to write a "history of the Jews" even while Rome was crushing the Jews remaining in Palestine. 

Read what he wrote in defending the Great Flood"...all the writers of barbarian histories make mention of this flood...."

by Dr. Erich von Fange

130 pages; ©1981

In recent decades there has been a rash of books - some of them best sellers - on some exotic subjects: Flying Saucers, the Hollow Earth, Chariots from the Gods in Outer Space, Mu, Atlantis, mysteries which science cannot explain. What can we say to others when they ask about the theories and the evidence given in the books to support the theories?  Dr. von Fange discusses these theories in light of a biblical scientific framework.



55 pages; U.S. Govt. Pub.

The Moon is geologically and/or meteorologically active!  This is a NASA Technical Report (from 1968) of reports of lunar events, or temporary changes on the moon, that was compiled based on literature covering more than four centuries.  The purpose of this catalog was to provide a listing of historical and modern records that may be useful in investigations of possible activity on the moon.

  by B. H. Shadduck

32 pages; Public Domain

A humorous look at evolution - from 1925.  Interesting and thought-provoking.  This is free to download and copy.

 by Sir James George Frazer

400 pages; Public Domain

In 1918 Sir James George Frazer brought much of the compendium of world legends as related to biblical accounts together into this well researched volume.  The carefully cataloged recollections in these 5 long chapters (the printed book is 400 pages!) had been slowly brought back to the "Civilized World" by many different ship captains, traders, missionaries, historians and other inquisitive travelers to distant lands.

  by Walter Lang

32 pages; ©1989

A thirty day devotional study from the Book of Colossians in the Bible.

  by Donald W. Patten

336 pages; ©1966 

A Catastrophism Classic!  This book is now on-line and available for research.  This Flood Model takes into account mathematics and physics in order to propose a revolutionary theory on the (sudden onset) Ice Epoch and accompanying Great Flood as recorded by Noah in Genesis.

  by M. Bihn and J. Bealings

250 pages; ©1922  (Now Public Domain)

250 pages of illustrated Scripture lessons!  All verses referenced with their titles.  It is a great resource for parents, Sunday School teachers & missionaries (pictures speak to every language).  All of these (imaged) pages are in JPG format.

These images are highly compressed in order to save download time and disk space.  

Download all of these!  Use these!  They're now in the public domain, i.e. FREE to copy.


  by Walter Lang

80 pages; ©1992  (of 540 total)

A Commentary on the Book of Job in the Bible.  Job is best known for addressing the question of why the righteous suffer and, seemingly, the wicked prosper.  This is called the "eternal why".  Six answers are found in the book of Job. 

Christ or Evolution - Which?
 by T. T. Martin   - 1923

now in the Public Domain

(from the Introduction) "Lord Kelvin, the greatest scientist on earth at the time of his death, stated, toward the close of his life, that there is not a single established fact of science which is in conflict with any statement of the Bible."

"The evidence is plain and positive that the Scriptures are a revelation from God. ..."


by Bill Cooper B.A. (Hons).

256 pages; ©1995

It is astonishing how much information comes to the surface once a document has been released from the veil of obscurity that modernism has thrown over it.  Who would believe, when reading a modernist commentary on the book of Genesis, that so much evidence was available to prove, not its falsity, but its authenticity?  Not its mythical nature, but its truth and astonishing historical accuracy? 

USGS Paper 1250
  Mount St. Helens - 1980

142 pages; from 1981
(of 844 pages total)

The 1980 Eruptions of Mount St. Helens, Washington.  Early results of studies of volcanic events in 1980, geophysical monitoring of activity, and studies of volcanic deposits, effects, and their geological implications. 

(Ending 701 B.C.)

by Patten and Windsor

258 pages; ©1996, 2003

Mars is the focus of many ancient legends! -  The cratered surface of Mars and its two satellites provides ample evidence supporting recent catastrophism in the Solar System.

Back tracking the orbits of Venus, the Moon and Mars to the catastrophic year of 701 B.C.E. all calculate as a confirmation of this model of planetary catastrophism. 


by William A. Williams

160 pages; Public Domain

Some facts and objections are herein submitted to the serious seeker after truth, in the hope that a theory so out of harmony with the facts, and so destructive to the faith and the cherished hopes of man, may be completely discarded.  As Evolution can not stand the acid test of mathematics, it will be repudiated by all.

Puddle to Paradise, 1925
Puddle to Paradise, 1925
The Toadstool Among the Tombs, 1925
The Toadstool Among the Tombs, 1925
Alibi, Lullaby, By-by, 1928
Alibi, Lullaby, By-by, 1928
The Gee-Haw of the Modern Jehu, 1928
The Gee-Haw of the Modern Jehu, 1928
Mistakes God Did Not Make, 1940
Mistakes God Did Not Make, 1940
Dust and Deity, 1940
Dust and Deity, 1940
Man, the Harness Maker, 1942
Man, the Harness Maker, 1942

In the Minds of Men
  Darwin and the New World Order

5th Edition; ©2003
(about 500 pages total)

In the Minds of Men  exposes point by point the fuzzy reasoning behind the standard scientific textbook explanations, revealing the motivation while at the same time providing a great deal of counter-evidence that has been concealed for far too long. 

Christianity & Science
  A Series of Ten Lectures

now in the Public Domain
(about 280 pages total)

Christianity & Science  is a series of ten lectures given in 1874 (published in 1875) defending Christianity and its tenets as completely compatible with modern scientific understanding.  Professor Peabody of Harvard University first establishes the authenticity of the Gospels.  Then he shows Christianity's positive effects down through history, starting with the Roman Empire down until modern times. 

by Rev. Walter Lang

40 pages; ©1982

Our objective is to demonstrate that the scientific statements contained in the first chapters of Genesis may be accepted as literal fact. There is no need, in the name of science, to contend that statements in these chapters must be regarded as allegory.  Time is valuable. Time was God's first creation.

Scientific Proof of the
Inspiration of the Scriptures

  "Verbal Inspiration of the Bible Scientifically Demonstrated"
By Ivan Panin; from 1937; now in the Public Domain  (about 96 pages)
Inspiration of the Hebrew Scriptures
Scientifically Demonstrated

  "Old Testament Mathematical Structure"
By Ivan Panin; from 1928; now in the Public Domain  (about 61 pages)



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Answers in Genesis, has a variety of excellent creation science books & booklets available both on-line and for purchase.  Resources available on-line include:

The New Answers Book
Creation: Facts of Life
Evolution Exposed
Frozen in Time: ...Mammoths
In Six Days
The Lie
War of the Worldviews
Why Won’t They Listen?

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The Institute for Creation Research (ICR), has produced some of the best creation science teaching materials, in books, DVDs, booklets, and tracts that are on-line and available for purchase.  Resources available on-line include:

ICR Impact Articles On-line
Defender's Study Bible - Search Page
ICR Acts & Facts Articles On-line
Recent Featured Articles On-line
ICR Days of Praise Articles On-line

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David Cox's Online Religious Library, has hundreds of links to on-line books, including some in "E-Sword" format: Poetical Books; Prophets; New Testament; Gospel Acts; Epistles; Revelation; Systematic Theology; God; Holy Spirit; Christ; Man & Sin; Salvation; Angels; Last Things; Church; Heresies; Apologetics; Prayer; Christian Family; Homiletics; Sermons; Pastoral Ministry; Social Theology; Church History; Creeds & Confessions; Movements & Groups; Denominations; Cults and Sects; Roman Catholicism; Jehovah's Witnesses; Mormons; Modern People; Tracts; and Issues in Christianity

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Berean Publishers, contains many on-line articles and book to help with theology and doctrinal issues.  Their emphasis is teaching our salvation available only through Jesus Christ and issues supporting Biblical Christianity.  And they have several (science & math) apologetics books.

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In the Beginning, 7th Edition, by Walt Brown, Ph.D. (© 1995-2004) 328 pages - Scientific information cannot be suppressed for long, so it is not surprising to see a growing awareness and excitement concerning these discoveries. If all this information were openly presented in science classrooms, better education would result. Regardless of your age or education, you can learn and help others learn this information about a subject that holds great interest for most people - the subject of origins.

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Creation's Tiny Mystery, by Robert V. Gentry, Ph.D. (© 1986-2004) 364 pages - "I used a microscope to search for radiohalos in thin, translucent sections of granite-type rocks. One spring day in 1965 I was pondering over some special types of halos; there seemed to be conflicting requirements as to their origin.  ... Was it possible that the Precambrian granites were not the end product of slowly cooling magma, but instead were the rocks God created when He spoke this planet into existence? Were the special halos evidence of an instantaneous creation?"

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The Evolution Cruncher, by Vance Ferrell (© 2001) 928 pages - The Cruncher (Evolution Handbook) provides you with commonsense facts which you can use in study, conversation, and research. If you plan to take a science course in school, or go into any field related to science or technology, you will want to read this book  Copy whatever you want from our website, at no charge, and share it widely. There is a real need for this information to be widely circulated.

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Google, is actively digitizing many books for reference and use on-line; previews are available for some titles: 

Darwin's Black Box:
The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution
by Michael J. Behe - 2006 - 352 pages

The Evolution of a Creationist:
A Layman's Guide to the Conflict Between ...
by Dr. Jobe Martin - 2004 - 280 pages

Facts of Life
by Gary Parker - 2006 - 240 pages
The Privileged Planet:
How Our Place in the Cosmos Is Designed for Discovery
by Gonzalez & Richards - 2004 - 444 pages
Science and Evidence 
for Design in the Universe
by Dembski, Behe & Meyer - 2000 - 180 pages

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The Scientific Case for Creation, by Bert Thompson, Ph.D. (© 1986-2004) 280 pages - There are two fundamentally different, and diametrically opposed, explanations for the origin of the Universe.  One of these world views is the concept of evolution.  This view asserts that the origin and development of the Universe and all of its systems can be explained solely on the basis of time, chance, and continuing natural processes innate in the structure of matter and energy.  The second alternate and opposing world view is the concept of creation.  Everything in the Universe, and in fact, the Universe itself, has come into being through the design, purpose, and deliberate acts of a supernatural Creator.

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Creation Compromises, by Bert Thompson, Ph.D. (© 1995, 2000) 428 pages - Think of the significance of this first book of the Bible.  Genesis not only provides the only inspired cosmogony available to man, but in doing so introduces for the first time on written record the Bible's primary theme - the redemption of man through reconciliation to the God against Whom he had sinned.  Genesis tells man how to interpret the physical world in which he lives.  It gives the divine answers to timeless questions concerning the meaning and result of sin and much more.

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                OTHER BOOKS

The Revolution Against Evolution, by Douglas B. Sharp. (© 1986, 1993, 2013) 98 pages - Before 1850, Christians dominated the arts and sciences. Many early scientists were believers in special creation. Pasteur, Mendel, and Faraday are examples. We should examine the lives of these early scientists and their lives to recapture their spirit and curiosity about God's creation. Evolution has never been more vulnerable as it is today. Darwin's theory remains held together only by gossamer threads of guesswork. The facts of science, when exposed testify against it. 

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Handy Dandy Evolution Refuter, by Robert E. Kofahl, Ph. D. (© 1977, 2003) 159 pages - The question of origins is the most fundamental issue in every age and culture, but especially in the modern world. Where we come from determines who we are, why we are here, and what our destination may be. There is, in fact, a strong scientific case against evolution, and this is automatically a scientific case for the only alternative, creation. Evolutionary science is aimed at explaining how dumb, dead atoms transformed themselves into people in a few billion years.  

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The Discovery of Genesis, by C.H. Kang and Ethel R. Nelson (© 1979) 154 pages - How the Truths of Genesis Were Found Hidden in the Chinese Language.   Chinese picture-words are descriptive as each character is built from primary meaning elements. The Holy Bible's Book of Genesis, particularly the first 12 chapters, contains man's common history. These true stories of our Creation, Fall, the Great Flood, and man's dispersion around the globe are still preserved within modern written Chinese.


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