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  The Creation Social Science and Humanities Society (CSSHS) was incorporated in Wichita, Kansas, USA, in 1977.  The CSSHS is educational, and will promote and disseminate information on the implications of the Biblical creation model of origins for the social sciences and humanities, with emphasis on the development of these disciplines in accordance with the rapidly emerging and increasingly well established natural scientific models of Biblical creation.

The Quarterly Journal is directed toward teachers and students of the social sciences and humanities, especially in institutions of higher learning.

[The CSSHS Quarterly Journal is not currently in publication, however past articles are archived on this web page: ].

Articles & images are Copyright © 1978-1994 by Creation Social Science and Humanities Society, Inc. All rights reserved - except that ... articles may be printed out and mass photocopied non-commercially for classes, seminars or similar educational purposes, ... but this copyright notice and web page reference must be retained; however do not mirror, re-post, combine nor re-distribute this collection in any way without written permission from the CSSHS.

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Lesson  1 - "Creation, the Foundation of the Biblical World View"
Lesson  2  - "Philosophy; Ethics"
Lesson  3 - "Evolutionism"
Lesson  4 - "The New Age Movement"
Lesson  5 - "Psychology, Counseling and Selfism"
Lesson  6 - "Economics; Poor Relief"
Lesson  7 - "Man's Creativity: Science"
Lesson  8 - "Man's Creativity: Literature, Music, Fine Arts"
Lesson  9 - "Abortion; Euthanasia; Population Control"
Lesson 10 - "The Family"
Lesson 11 - "Education"
Lesson 12 - "The State"
Lesson 13 - "Final Review And Conclusion"

CSSHS Archives
Articles from all Editions

Volume I     (complete edition)
    Vol I, No. 1    =====    Fall  1978
    Vol I, No. 2    =====    Winter 1978
    Vol I, No. 3    =====    Spring 1979
    Vol I, No. 4    =====    Summer 1979

Volume II     (selected articles)  Vol II, No. 1
    "Madness as a Tool of the New Creation", by Eve Lewis Perera (fm. pg. 5-9)
    "Sorokin's 'Integralism' vs. The Biblical Creation Position", by Ellen Myers (

                                          Vol II, No. 2
    "The Biblical Chronology Question:  An Analysis (Part I)", by James B. Jordan (

                                          Vol II, No. 3

    "In Praise of Men", by Ellen Myers (
    "Father and Son: The Tragedy of Edmund Gosse", by Lorella Rouster (fm pg. 10-13)
    "The Biblical Chronology Question:  An Analysis (Part II)", by James B. Jordan (

                                          Vol II, No. 4
    "The Evolution Game:  A Computer Simulation", by Ellen Myers (
    "Creation and Inflation: Does the Bible Speak to Our Practical Problems?", by Edward Coleson (
    "Karl Popper's Challenge", by Russell Kranz (
    "'The Facts' vs. The Faith", by James Kevin Craig (

Volume III    (selected articles)   Vol III, No. 1
    "A Creationism Classic: The Necessity For Creationism", by R. J. Rushdoomy (

                                          Vol III, No. 2
    "Conflict-Action-Growth vs. Rest in God (Part I)", by Ellen Myers (
    "Origins and Civil Liberties", by Robert F Smith (

                                          Vol III, No. 3
    "Myths of Origin and the Theory of Evolution", by Paul B. Gosselin (
    "Conflict-Action-Growth vs. Rest in God (Part II)", by Ellen Myers (
    "Twain and Uniformitarianism", by Kathy Hutson (
    "The Identity of Man: Genesis 1:26", by William Kellogg (

                                          Vol III, No. 4
    "The Futility of Autonomous Speculative Thought", by Ellen Myers (
    "The Bishop and 'Darwin's Bulldog'", by Edward Coleson (
    "The Pivotal Importance of Dinosaurs in Creationist and Evolutionist Thought", by Lorella Rouster (
    "Conflict-Action-Growth vs. Rest in God (Part III)", by Ellen Myers (

Volume IV     (selected articles)  Vol IV, No. 1
    "Racism and Origins", by Paul Ellwanger (
    "A Constructed Dialogue Between a Christian Graduate Student and His Nonbelieving Professor", by Timothy D. Stabelt (
    "There is Nothing New Under the Sun", by Jerry Bergman (
    "Why Be Moral?", by Ellen Myers (

                                            Vol IV, No. 2
    "Spin-Off from Arkansas Creation-Evolution Lawsuit" (
    "Fat Albert - In God's Image", by Doug Vinson (
    "The Skinner Trap: Abolishing Man's Worth", by Ellen Myers (

                                            Vol IV, No. 3
    "Pantheist Mysticism vs. Created Reality", by Ellen Myers (
    "Creationist and Evolutionist Dogmatism", by George W Cooper, Jr (
    "Historical Sketch: Robert Thomas Maithus (1766-1834)", by Ian Taylor (

                                             Vol IV, No. 4
    "In Praise of History", by Ellen Myers ( 6-10)
    "Psychology as a Humble Discipline", by Paul D. Ackerman (
    "The Ultimate Evolutionist Model: Evolution by Purposive 'Forces'", by Ellen Myers (
Book reviews: "Man is Moral Choice by Albert Hobbs." (Reviewed by Haven Bradford Gow)
"The Taste for the Other: The Social and Ethical Thought of C.S. Lewis, by Gilbert Meilaender" (Reviewed by Ellen Myers)
"The Politics of Moralism. by Erling Jorstad" (Reviewed by Ellen Myers)

Volume V     (selected articles)  Vol V, No. 1
    "Denying True Reality - Mystic Evolutionism in Practice", by Ellen Myers (
    "What Is Religion?", by Jerry Bergman (
    "Psychology as a Science", by Paul D. Ackerman (
    "The Dominion Covenant: The Foundation of Christian Economics", by Ellen Myers (
Book Reviews: Solzhenitsyn at Harvard

                                             Vol V, No. 2
    "Is Creation More Than a Biological Model of Origins?", by Ralph E. Ancil (
    "Monistic Evolutionism as a Pseudo-Paradigm For Theories Of Human Action", by Ellen Myers (

                                             Vol V, No. 3
    "Bible and Science", by Walter van der Kamp (
    "Psychology as a 'Basic Science'", by Paul D. Ackerman (
    "Beyond Darwinism: Exposing the 'Neutrality of Science' Myth", by Ellen Myers (

                                             Vol V, No. 4
    "Biblical Creation and the Humanities", by Ellen Myers (
    "Music Composition: Preliminary Remarks From the Biblical Creation Perspective", by Ellen Myers (
Book reviews: Aesthetics, An Introduction, by George Dickie (fm pg. 15-18)
Addicted to Mediocrity: 20th Century Christians and the Arts, by Franky Schaeffer (fm pg. 18-21)
The Creative Gift, by H.R. Rookmaaker (fm pg. 22-24)

Volume VI     (selected articles)  Vol VI, No. 1
    "In Defense of Biblical Inerrancy: Higher Criticism of Higher Criticism", by Paul D. Ackerman (
    "Does Man Have 'Natural Rights'?", by Ellen Myers (
    "Biblical Creation and Occultism", by Gary North (
    "The Restoration of the Divine Image Through Christ: From a Sermon on Mark 7:31-37", by Dr. C.F. W. Walther (
    "Box Theology", by Rousas John Rushdoony (
    "Creation and Human Language", by Dennis Farrell (

                                             Vol VI, No. 2
    "Archaeology, The Bible and The Post-Flood Origins of Chinese History", by Roy L. Hales (
    "The Origin of Creation Myths", by Jerry Bergman (
    "'Self-Image' - Or Created Identity in Christ", by Ellen Myers ( 20-24)
    "What An End Lies Before Us", by George MacDonald (7824-7905) ( 25)
    "Don't Be Intimidated by Accusations of Bias", by Paul A. Bartz ( 28)

                                             Vol VI, No. 3
    "Damned Nonsense", by Ellen Myers ( 4-8)
    "Secular Humanism: It's the Adjective That Counts", by Joseph Fletcher ( 9-10)
    "The Secular Humanistic World View Versus the Christian World View", by Francis A. Schaeffer ( 11-13)
    "Educational Scarecrows", by Margaret E Stucki ( 14-15)
    "Creation Evangelism: A Powerful Tool in Today's World!",  ( 27-29)
    "Created For The Creator", by  H.P. Liddon, M.A. ( 30-32)

                                             Vol VI, No. 4
    "Environmental Problems: A Creationist Perspective Our Biblical Heritage", by Ralph E. Ancil ( 5-9)
    "Population, Resources and Ecology", by Ellen Myers ( 10-16)
    "The Biblical Perspective on Military Preparedness", by Francis A. Schaeffer ( 17-19)

Volume VII     (selected articles)  Vol VII, No. 1
    "Race and Interracial Marriage: A Biblical Survey and Perspective", by Thomas M. Brown, Jr ( 5-14)
    "Man's Right to Life, Self-Sacrifice, and the Image of God", by Ellen Myers ( 15-20)
    "Special Education: Lessons for Education From the Biblical Creation Perspective", by Ellen Myers ( 21-25)
    "The Mentally Retarded - The Least of our Brethren", by Ellen Myers ( 26-28)

                                             Vol VII, No. 2
    "The Biblical Creation Vision and American Christianity", by Ellen Myers ( 7-10)
    "As a Man Thinketh in His Heart, So is He", by Richard Pearcey ( 11-12)
    "The Original World Monotheism", by Roy L Hales ( 18-21)
    "Creation Science and Biblical Creation", by John C. Whitcomb ( 22-23)

                                             Vol VII, No. 3
    "The Limitations of Variety, or Cowper's Irony Unmasked", by Eve Lewis Perera ( 7-8)
    "Priest and King of the Creation", by Father Dumitru Staniloae ( 9)
    "Returning the World to God", by Father Alexander Schmemann ( 10)
    "God's Sabbath Rest - Man's Created Destiny", by Ellen Myers ( 11-14)
    "Johann Georg Hamann (1730-1788), Preacher of Christ in the Wilderness of the Enlightenment", by Ellen Myers ( 19-23)
    "Quotations from Johann Georg Hamann (1730-1788)", by Ellen Myers ( 24-29)
    "Biblical Creation in the Russian Orthodox Liturgy", by Ellen Myers ( 30-32)

                                             Vol VII, No. 4
    "The Top That Reeled", by Paul D. Ackerman ( 2-5)
    "A Synthetic Interpretation of A North American Indian Flood Account: The Ark Upon a Rock", by Ross S. Marshall ( 6-19)
    "Mythology, The Bible and the Postflood Origins of Greek History", by Roy L. Hales ( 20-23)
    "Huang Ti Chinese Writing and the Postflood Settlement of China", by Roy L. Hales ( 24-29)

Volume VIII    (selected articles)   Vol VIII, No. 1
    "Creation in the Writings of George MacDonald", by Ellen Myers ( 6-9)
    "Creationist Gleanings from C.S. Lewis", by Ellen Myers ( 10-13)
    "Evolutionary Hymn", by C. S. Lewis  ( 14)
    "Screwtape on Devilution", by William A. Stanmeyer ( 15-18)
    "Christian Apologetics and its Application in Asia", by Johnson C. Philip ( 19-23)

                                             Vol VIII, No. 2
    "Leonardo Boff and the Latin American Liberation Theology Movement", by J. Scott Horrell ( 6-12)
    "The Real Liberation Theology", by Edward Coleson ( 13-14)
    "The Place of Nations in Biblical Creation", by Ellen Myers ( 15-21)
    "Where Did Love Fall?", by David Haggith ( 22-26)
    "Attitudes About Nature and Society: Our Darwinian Legacy", by Ralph E. Ancil ( 27-31)

                                             Vol VIII, No. 3
    "Magic Self-Deification and the Everlasting Gospel", by Ellen Myers ( 6-11)
    "God 'The Creator' - Man 'The Artist' - Created in His Image", by Margaret Stucki ( 13-18)
    "Creative "Forms" in the Biblical Creation Perspective", by Ellen Myers ( 19-23)
    "The Influence of Evolution on Nazi Race Programs", by Jerry Bergman ( 24-31)

                                             Vol VIII, No. 4
    "Biblical Foundation for Professional Work in Psychology", by Paul D. Ackerman ( 5-7)
    "Why Secular Psychology Is Not Enough", by William Kirk Kilpatrick ( 8-15)
    "God's Invisible Yet Clearly Seen Reality", by Paul D Ackerman ( 17-20)
    "Counseling From the Biblical Creation Perspective", by Ellen Myers ( 21-27)
    "Creation Evidences from Animal Learning Research", by Diane Powell ( 28-32)

Volume IX     (selected articles)  Vol IX, No. 1
    "The Captains of Industry: Our Darwinian Legacy", by Ralph E Ancil ( 4-6)
    "Biblical Creation and the Papal Encyclical 'On Human Work'", by Ellen Myers ( 7-15)
    "A Jewish Blessing", by Dennis Farrell ( 16-29)

                                              Vol IX, No. 2
    "A Proof for Creation: The Hostility of Creation Denied", by Ellen Myers ( 4-7)
    "We Are Teaching a Religion in Our Public Schools", by Randy Hedrke ( 8-11)
    "Indoctrination by Our Public Schools", by Jerry Bergman ( 12-16)
    "Creation and Science: The Work of Stanley L. Jaki", by Ellen Myers ( 17-24)
    "Christianity & Science", by Otto Scott ( 25-26)
    "The 'Conversion' of Leo Tolstoy", by Ellen Myers ( 27-29)

                                              Vol IX, No. 3
    "Faith and Culture", by Georges Florovsky ( 4-7)
    "The Relevance of Theology", by Edward Coleson ( 8-12)
    "Biblical Creation as the Foundation of Sound Economics", by Ellen Myers ( 13-19)
    "Dominion Work", by Joseph McAuliffe ( 20-21)
    "Creation: The Cornerstone of Truth", by Stan F. Vaninger ( 22-26)
    "The Compelling World of Mind Control", by Judy Vorfeld ( 27-30)
    "What is Yoga?", by Judy Vorfeld ( 31-32)

                                              Vol IX, No. 4
    "Thomas Molnar: A Christian Scholar For Our Time" Part I, by Ellen Myers ( 5-8)
    "The Judeo-Christian Cosmology and the Origins of Science", by Paul Gosselin ( 9-18)
    "The New Physics Revelation: A Lesson Every Scientist Should Learn", by Charles Cook ( 19-24)
    "On Faith and Reason", by Walter R. Schumm ( 25-26)
    "Creation and Time", by Ellen Myers ( 27-31)

Volume X     (selected articles)  Vol X, No. 1
    "Towards a Biblical Creation-Based Historiography", by Ellen Myers ( 3-8)
    "Etana and the First Kingdom of Man", by Roy L. Hales ( 19-21)
    "Noah and the Christian Apocalypse", by John Pilkey ( 22-29)
    "Moses vs. Evolution", by Robert J Clinkert ( 30)

                                              Vol X, No. 2
    "Paganism-Humanism, Old and New", by Ellen Myers ( 3-7)
    "First the Blade", by Rousas John Rushdoony ( 8-12)
    "Thomas Molnar: A Christian Scholar for Our Time" Part II, by Ellen Myers ( 13-19)
    "The Impact of Christianity Upon Kievan Russia", by Ellen Myers ( 20-23)
    "Does Humanism Offer Hope?", by J. C. Vorfeld ( 24-25)
    "Causality as an Argument for God's Existence", by Diane Powell ( 31-32)

                                              Vol X, No. 3
    "Whose Values Will be Taught in the Public Schools", by George W Cooper Jr ( 3-7)
    "The Fifth Kingdom: Battle for the Title", by Gary North ( 8-15)
    "Thomas Molnar: A Christian Scholar for Our Time" Part III, by Ellen Myers ( 16-23)
    "Christian Stewardship of the Environment", by John E. Silvius ( 24-27)
    "Preflood Traditions: The Weakness of John Pilkey's Origin of the Nations", by Roy L Hales ( 28-32)

                                              Vol X, No. 4
    "Ten Years of the CSSH Quarterly", by Staff ( 1-5)
    "The Integrates Model for Relating Psychology and Christianity", by Paul D. Ackerman ( 7-13)
    "Creation, Redemption and Sociological Theory", by Donald Ratcliff ( 14-20)
    "Francis Schaeffer and B. F. Skinner", by Donald Ratcliff ( 21-25)
    "In Reserve", by Viola Jacobson Berg  ( 26)
    "'Ideas Have Consequences' and Biased Reason", by Ellen Myers ( 27-32)

Volume XI     (selected articles)  Vol XI, No. 1
    "The Story of Paul Kammerer, is Lamarckism Dead?", by Ellen Myers ( 6-12)
    "The Babylonian Captivity of the Word", by James L Sauer ( 13-18)
    "Parable: The New Age Creates Perfect God, Let Us Make God In Our Own Image", by J. C. Vorfeld ( 19-20)
    "Inconsistencies In 'Enlightened' Autonomous Thought", by Ellen Myers ( 21-24)

                                              Vol XI, No. 2
    "Christian Scholar Extraordinary: The Work of Wilhelm Schmidt", by Ellen Myers ( 9-10)
    "The Origin and Development of Property", by Wilhelm Schmidt ( 11-16)
    "The Creation Account of the Earliest Time in the Bible and in Ethnology", by Wilhelm Schmidt ( 17-22)
    "Creation and New Life in Christ", by Ellen Myers ( 23-26)

                                              Vol XI, No. 3
    "Creation Scientists: A Non-Scientist’s Observations", by Beth Impson ( 9-11)
    "The Need for Scholarly Christian Philosophy", by Marcus R Braun ( 12-13)
    "Galileo Revisited", by Otto J. Scott ( 14-17)
    "The Galileo Affair: Cardinal Bellarmine’s Letter to Father Foscarini"  ( 18-19)
    "When Were the Original Gospels Written?", by Ellen Myers ( 20-24)
    "Creation and Biblical Accuracy", by Charles Cook ( 25-32)

                                              Vol XI, No. 4
    "Patriarch of the Permanent Things: Edmund Burke", by James L Sauer ( 7-13)
    "New Ethics Programs in American Schools", by Ellen Myers ( 14-17)
    "Origins Teaching in the Public Schools", by Ellen Myers ( 18-20)
    "Terminal Vision", by Eric Buehrer ( 21-25)
    "Inconsistencies in Evolutionary Environmentalist Thought", by Ralph E. Ancil ( 26-29)
    "The Province of Science", by Diane Powell ( 30)

Volume XII     (selected articles)  Vol XII, No. 1
    "Creation, the Foundation of the Biblical World View", Lesson 1 ( 2-7)
    "Philosophy; Ethics", Lesson 2  ( 8-13)
    "Evolutionism", Lesson 3 ( 14-19)
    "The New Age Movement", Lesson 4 ( 20-25)
    "Psychology, Counseling and Selfism", Lesson 5 ( 26-32)
    "Economics; Poor Relief", Lesson 6 ( 33-38)
    "Man's Creativity: Science", Lesson 7 ( 39-44)

                                              Vol XII, No. 2
    "Man's Creativity: Literature, Music, Fine Arts", Lesson 8 ( 2-7)
    "Abortion; Euthanasia; Population Control", Lesson 9 ( 8-14)
    "The Family", Lesson 10 ( 15-21)
    "Education", Lesson 11 ( 22-27)
    "The State", Lesson 12 ( 28-34)
    "Final Review And Conclusion", Lesson 13 ( 35-41)

                                              Vol XII, No. 3
    "Liberty On The Line: Precious Freedom Threatened", by Harry Conn ( 1)
    "If You are the Son of God, Come Down From the Cross", by Henri Luscher ( 5-6)
    "Christians in Authority", by Ellen Myers ( 7-12)
    "The Lawless State, the Impotent Church", by Jean-Marc Berthoud ( 13-16)
    "The Coming Nuclear Attack on Christianity in America", by J. Shelby Sharpe ( 17-22)
    "Creation, Lawlessness and World Government", by Ellen Myers ( 23-26)
    "Picasso, Creator and Destroyer", Book review by Ellen Myers  ( 27)

                                              Vol XII, No. 4
    "Creation and Proof for the Existence of God", by Ellen Myers ( 3-9)
    "Proofs for the Existence of God and Creation: A Catholic View", by Paula Haigh ( 10-17)
    "Man and His Environment: The Creationist Perspective", by Ralph E Ancil ( 19-22)
    "Abortion and Animal Rights: Two Sides of One Coin", by Maria L. Boccia ( 23-24)
    "Talk to the Animals", by R. E. McMaster, Jr. ( 25-27)
    "Training Park Interpreters: Some Guests are Less Welcome than Others"  ( 28-29)
    "Truth and the Christian Teacher", by Edward Coleson ( 30-32)

Volume XIII     (selected articles)  Vol XIII, No. 1
    "Mission to Moscow 1990: The Groundwork",  by Ellen Myers  ( 3-5)
    "Forerunner of New Age Madness: A Critique of Norman O. Brown",  by Ellen Myers  ( 7-16)
    "Gentlemen",  by R E McMaster, Jr  ( 17-18)
    "Woman: Companion For Man",  by Ellen Myers  ( 19-22)
    Book review: Enemies of Eros. by Maggie Gallagher (reviewed by Ellen Myers)
    "Motherhood and Creation",  by Cardinal Josef Mindszenty  ( 29)

                                              Vol XIII, No. 2
    "The New Science",  by Walter Lang  ( 1)
    "Creation in the History of Orthodox Theology",  by John Meyendorff  ( 8-10)
    "Christianity in Literary Creation: Chateaubriand and Dostoevsky",  by Andrea Link  ( 11-15)
    "General Semantics and Evolution",  by Jerry Bergman  ( 16-26)
    "Language - Origins and Evolution ",  by D. Tassot  ( 27-32)

                                              Vol XIII, No. 3
    "Imago Dei",  by James L. Sauer  ( 1)
    "U.S.A. - U.S.S.R. 1991 Where Does Christianity Fare Better?",  by Greg Garrison  ( 2-3)
    "The Meaning of History: A Rejoinder to R. G. Collingwood",  by Ellen Myers  ( 4-15)
    "Who holds the Mortar and the Trowel?",  by Richard Bruce  ( 16-19)

                                              Vol XIII, No. 4
    "Devotional",  by John Mackay  ( 1)
    "Human Creativity: Evolution or Biblical Creation?",  by Paul D. Ackerman  ( 4-11)
    "Madness: Myth and Reality",  by Ellen Myers  ( 12-19)
    "Why Am I Here?",  by Troy Wiffren  ( 27-29)
    "The World of Becky Myers",  by Ellen Myers  ( 30-32)

Volume XIV     (selected articles)  Vol XIV, No. 1
    "The World Council of Churches and Evolution ",  by Carl Wieland  ( 4-5)
    "Creation, The Declaration of Independence and the History of 'Unalienable Rights'",  by Ellen Myers  ( 7-14)
    "Creation, Kingdom, Home",  by Ellen Myers  ( 15-18)
    "The School - A Responsibility of the Family",  by Jean-Marc Berthoud  ( 19-22)
    "Observations and Perspectives on Home Education",  by Samuel Peavey  ( 23-29)

                                              Vol XIV, No. 2
    "Communism, History, Art and Mysticism: A Reply to Leon Trotsky from the Biblical Creation Perspective",  by Ellen Myers  ( 3-8)
    "The Creative Urge: A Biblical Creation Basis for Art",  by Celia Jolley  ( 9-12)
    "In Christ or in Crisis?",  by Jean-Marc Berthoud  ( 17-19)
    "Conflict Versus Harmony",  by Rousas John Rushdoony  ( 20-22)
    "The Influence of Evolution on Science Fiction",  by Jerry Bergman  ( 23-26)
    "It's the Wrong Time for Great Artists",  by Doug Clark  ( 31-32)

                                              Vol XIV, No. 3
    "Reason, Faith and Creation in the Mature Philosophy of Lev Shestov",  by Ellen Myers  ( 3-12)
    "Creation, the Fall and the Idea of Progress",  by Ellen Myers  ( 13-19)
    "Burial of Seven Centuries of Swiss Christian History 1291 - 1991",  by Pauline Pretre  ( 20-22)
    "Sharing in Christ's Sufferings and Glory: The Church's Calling Before Christ's Return",  by Richard B Gaffin Jr.  ( 23-27)

                                              Vol XIV, No. 4
    "The Perils of Theistic Evolutionism",  by Jean-Mare Berthoud  ( 3-6)
    "The Creation Spirituality of Father Matthew Fox",  by Ellen Myers  ( 7-13)
    "Environmentalism - Leading Mankind Down the Garden Path",  by Carl E Bruce  ( 14-18)
    "Nazi Paganism",  by Jean-Marc Berthoud  ( 19-21)
    "Teilhard, Evolution and the Catholic Church"   ( 22-24)
    "They Created Their Own Monster",  by Paul A. Bartz  ( 28)
    "Creation, Death, Eternal Life",  by Ellen Myers  ( 30-32)

Volume XV     (selected articles)  Vol XV, No. 1
    "Satan Against Man: The Fierce War, the Victory in Christ",  by Ellen Myers  ( 3-13)
    "Popular Culture and the War Against Standards",  by Michael Medved  ( 14)
    "The Messiah in 1492?",  by Edward Coleson  ( 20-21)
    "The Metastases of Darwinism",  by Remi Girard  ( 22-25)

                                              Vol XV, No. 2
    "Secular Western Mindset or Biblical Framework: The Representative Case of Alfred Adler",  by Paul D. Ackerman & Melanie Aronhalt  ( 3-10)
    "Rationalistic Solipsism: The Life and Thought of Ayn Rand",  by Ellen Myers  ( 11-17)
    "Painful Acceptance: The Cost of the Word",  by Celia Jolley  ( 20-21)
    "The Bible and the Nations (Part 1)",  by Jean-Marc Berthoud  ( 22-32)

                                              Vol XV, No. 3
    "Devotional: Where Does Time Come From?",  by Paul D. Ackerman  ( 1-3)
    "Gardening and Man's Creation in God's Own Image",  by Ellen Myers  ( 4-12)
    "The Bible and the Nations (Part 2): The Temptation of World Empire, Babel and the Beast",  by Jean-Marc Berthoud  ( 13-22)
    "Why All the Fuss About Creation and Evolution?",  by Charles Thaxton & Jon Buell  ( 23-25)
    "New Ethics Programs in American Schools",  by Ellen Myers  ( 26-29)

                                              Vol XV, No. 4
    "Entering an Era of Anti-Christianity",  by Tal Brooke  ( 1-2)
    "Our Young Earth",  by Brad T Bromling  ( 3)
    "Creation and Proof for the Existence of God",  by Ellen Myers  ( 7-13)
    "Galileo: Martyr for Science?",  by Edward Coleson  ( 14-17)
    "Language - Origins and Evolution",  by D. Tassot  ( 18-22)
    "Where is the Garden of Eden?",  by Brad T Bromling  ( 23-25)
    "The Historical Accuracy of the Fall of Jericho",  by Wayne Jaekson  ( 26-28)

Volume XVI     (selected articles)  Vol XVI, No. 1
    "Biblical Creation, Aging, and Gerontology",  by Ellen Myers  ( 3-8)
    "Creation and Nursing Home Care",  by Ellen Myers  ( 9-13)
    "Biblical Creation and Personality",  by Ellen Myers  ( 16-21)
    "Biological Evolution and Modern Literature",  by Jerry Bergman  ( 22-26)

                                              Vol XVI, No. 2
    "Disobeying God’s First Creation Order to Man: 'Be Fruitful and Multiply'",  by Ellen Myers  ( 5-9)
    "A Christmas Letter to my Sunday-School Classmates",  by Karen Bruce  ( 10-13)
    "The Population Crash",  by Fred Domville  ( 14-17)
    "The Aftereffects of Evolutionism",  by Dominique Tassot  ( 18-20)
    "Evolution and Legal Standards",  by Joseph Sobran  ( 21-22)
    "Jurassic Park: The New Orthodoxy?",  by Trevor J. Major  ( 23-25)

                                              Vol XVI, No. 3
    "The Future Impact of Christianity on China - Beijing International Convention Center",  by Paul D. Ackerman  ( 4-14)
    "The Joy of the Lord",  by Ellen Myers  ( 15-19)
    "The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of",  by Ian Taylor  ( 20-24)
    "The Worldview of Demons",  by Ellen Myers  ( 25-30)

                                              Vol XVI, No. 4
    "Editorial - The Last Issue of CSSHQ",  by Paul D. Ackerman  ( 1)
    "The 'Miracle' We Missed",  by Edward Coleson  ( 2-5)
    "Wild Turkeys and the Creation Mandate",  by Eve Lewis Perera  ( 6-10)
    "Plekhanov and Solovyov: A Study of Materialist and Idealist Monism from The Biblical Creation Perspective",  by Ellen Myers  ( 11-16)
    "The Breakdown of Philosophy and the Modern Evolution-Creation Debate",  by Ellen Myers  ( 17-23)
    "Language and Reality: The Work of Arnaud-Aron Upinsky",  by Ellen Myers  ( 24-30)
    "Heavenward",  by Mary A. Tenbrink  ( 31)
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