Evolution 101
by the late Dr. Jolly F. Griggs

These lessons are free to download
and copy for educational purposes.

 (Samples in Word 2000 format)     Lesson01.doc      Lesson02.doc

25 Lessons, in Word 2000 format, downloadable in a ZIP file (3MB), below.

One possible use is as a church bulletin enclosure.  One new lesson each week!
Each successive lesson can be read individually or in a classroom setting.
Each lesson is already formatted for 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper

Griggs25Lessons.zip    -    All Lessons  1 -  25  (3 MB)
Lesson   1  -  Evolution is Built Upon Lies   (See sample lesson above)
Lesson   2  -  Schools Pick Winners in Religion   (See sample lesson above)
Lesson   3  -  Life comes only from Life
Lesson   4  -  We do not argue against Science
Lesson   5  -  Is Progressive Creation Tenable?
Lesson   6  -  Time & Chance do not help evolutionists
Lesson   7  -  Have You Heard Of Entropy?
Lesson   8  -  Beware of Anthropologists Bearing Bones
Lesson   9  -  A pig makes a Monkey out of Evolutionists
Lesson 10  -  Peppered Moth, Archaeopteryx & Origin of Species
Lesson 11  -  The Geological Column is only in the Textbooks
Lesson 12  -  Evidence of a Young Earth
Lesson 13  -  More Evidence of a Young Earth
Lesson 14  -  Second Law of Thermodynamics Demands a Cause
Lesson 15  -  Concerning Origins, the Science Game Changes
Lesson 16  -  Scientists will eventually reject Macroevolution
Lesson 17  -  Religion of Evolution Debases Christian Children
Lesson 18  -  Evolution has no Room for the Supernatural
Lesson 19  -  Fossil Record Shows that evolution didn't Happen
Lesson 20  -  Codes Infer a Designer
Lesson 21  -  Irreducible Complexity
Lesson 22  -  Natural Processes can Produce Order not Complexity
Lesson 23  -  Anti-Evolution Quotes by Evolutionists
Lesson 24  -  Evolution Denies free Will
Lesson 25  -  Advanced Cultures Appeared Suddenly about 3,500BC

"Evolution 101 • 25 lessons"

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