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Answers to my Evolutionist Friends
by Thomas F. Heinze  

Want To Help Write a Book?

 I recently finished writing a number of articles under the series title: Answers to my Evolutionist Friends.

Can you find scientific inaccuracies that I should fix? Do you have other suggestions? Whether you believe in creation or evolution, your comments on the book I am concentrating on right now: Evolution is a Religion.

I need help! Does anyone know of any evidence for abiogenesis, the idea that a first living cell evolved from chemicals with no Creator involved?  I want to compare the abundant evidence that life had to have been created by an intelligent Creator with the evidence that life had no creator, but I can't.  After years of searching, I have not found any valid evidence at all for a materialistic beginning for life.  From textbooks to origin of life researchers, those who teach abiogenesis offer only speculation where the evidence should be.

Below is the list of books that are far enough along in the writing process that they should be interesting reading.  The most recent are at the bottom of the list:

Scientific Evidence that God Created Life
(Booklet - May 2003, by Thomas F. Heinze)

(Booklet - Revised June 2004, by Thomas F. Heinze)

Where Did Life Come From?
(Booklet - July 2004, by Thomas F. Heinze)

How Life Began (Paperback copies available for sale; 160 pages, quantity discounts. Give them to teachers. Order from )

Here are five articles adapted from information presented in my book, How Life Began

Brief Overview - Did life start when amino acids made proteins?

Did God Create Life? Ask a Protein

Where Did the Information in Cells Come from?

Redefining Science to Eliminate the Creator

Did Life Come from Space?

Proofs of Evolution Examined  (40 page booklet)

How the Universe Began

How Could Evolution Take Place?

Present Day Examples of Evolution

Who Designed Woodpeckers?

Appearance of Design

Evolution Whoppers and Bloopers

Flippase:  Complex Enzyme Machines

The Bible on Homosexuality

Evolutionists - Out of Eden

Up in Arms - Over Arm Evolution

The Big Bang

Creation Controversy & the Cells

Bombardier Beetles: Science Copies Sprayer Design

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"Creation vs. Evolution Handbook"
by Thomas F. Heinze
Originally written in the 1970's; some material is dated but these are good full-text translations.

(121 pgs.)

(152 pgs.)

(182 pgs.)

(157 pgs.)

(160 pgs.)

(158 pgs.)

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