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Images taken recently at the
Smithsonian Institution's
Museum of Natural History
Washington, D.C.  USA

photos taken by Paul Abramson,
editor of:

You are free to copy and use these images.  The name of the JPG is usually the animal's type.  Some images are in sequence.  (Text description photos are from the Smithsonian displays, i.e. evolution is assumed in their descriptions.)  For a creationist interpretation, see the text below the 190 images.  If you use and re-post a collection of these I request that you note: "Courtesy of" somewhere on the page.  Thank you.

Everything that I know/recall about each image is in the name and when available the preceeding text description.  (So...please don't send Email asking for more information about specific images.)  Use the file name of the respective animal or plant in order to research more information about it from other sources.  I hope you find these images useful and educational!

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DimetrodonGrandis.jpg - 68kb
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DinoFrillsExtrasText.jpg - 66kb
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GeolClock01FossilDatingSubtext.jpg - 26kb
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GeolClocks02b.jpg - 42kb
GeolClocks03_C14Mtls.jpg - 52kb
GeolClocks04_Years.jpg - 47kb
GeolClocks05_K40_2_A40Mtls.jpg - 50kb
GeolClocks06_K40Years.jpg - 10kb
GeolClocks07Rubidium87_Strontium87Mtls.jpg - 49kb
GeolClocks08_Rub87Str87_Years.jpg - 8kb
GeolClocks09_Uran238_Uran235_2Lead.jpg - 10kb
GeolClocks10_Uran238_2Lead206_207.jpg - 7kb
GeolClocks11_Ura238_235_Mtls.jpg - 42kb
GeolClocks12_Ura238_Years.jpg - 7kb
GrandCanyonText1.jpg - 53kb
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GrandOpening.jpg - 71kb
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HyracotheriumMammal.jpg - 29kb
HyracotheriumVasacciensisLikeHorse.jpg - 68kb
Ichthyosaur.jpg - 51kb
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LifeInOrdovician440MYA.jpg - 62kb
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LivingFossilsText.jpg - 67kb
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RadioisotopicExample.jpg - 45kb
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RayFinDapediusPholidophorus.jpg - 62kb
RayFinDiplomystusDentatus.jpg - 64kb
RayFinLepidotesElvensis.jpg - 68kb
RayFinLepisosteusSimplex.jpg - 68kb
RayFinMeneRhombeus.jpg - 71kb
RayFinMioplossusLabracoides.jpg - 65kb
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RayFinPachychormusBollensis.jpg - 61kb
RayFinPhareodusAcutus.jpg - 57kb
RayFinPholidophorus.jpg - 74kb
RayFinPriscacaraClivosa.jpg - 60kb
RayFinPriscacaraDartonae.jpg - 78kb
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TrilobitesMassBurialDeath.jpg - 67kb
TrimerorhachisSkull.jpg - 19kb
Xiphactinus0WithAnanogmText.jpg - 23kb
Xiphactinus1.jpg - 65kb
Xiphactinus2WithAnanogmiusInside.jpg - 64kb
Xiphactinus3Tail.jpg - 50kb
CoalSwampSeedFerns.jpg - 99kb
CoalTreeStump.jpg - 64kb
CoalTreeStump2.jpg - 61kb
Crinoids_SeaLilies.jpg - 90kb
CrinoidsBuriedEnMasse2.jpg - 69kb
If you have not studied any of "Creation Theory" (a.k.a. "Creationism") up till now then the following explanation may seem difficult to believe.  I would encourage you to read our FAQ; <>.  Well - until roughly 200 years ago for those civilizations retaining native calendars going "all the way back" to either their remembered origins or back to the end of "the Flood" (recalled in hundreds of legends around the world) - people knew that the earth and human life only extended back about 5,000 to 6,000 years.

At roughly 200 years ago the new anti-history began rising from the pit.  A concocted "PRE-history" was needed in order to prepare the way for the climax of the age.  It has never been based upon science as much as upon the desire of men to hide from their Creator.  Yes ... I realize how this sounds to educated people.  We have such high technology that it is assumed that all science must be advanced.  But evolutionary science is different.  (For one thing it is not testable-repeatable, unlike other modern sciences.)  Evolution is based on the consensus of its priestly leaders who carefully interpret what is revealed.  Evolutionary beliefs also openly violate real science when necessary.

What does evolution do?  It provides a historical framework to explain where we came from and how we got to be here.  What does the Bible do?  It provides a historical framework ... of humans made "in the image of God" by a powerful unerring Creator.

There are still zero transitional fossils.  Folks, this is important.  Look at these images above. Tremendous complexity since the beginning ... which we used to remember as only thousands of years ago.  Look at how well preserved so many of these specimens are.  When I look at them I see mass death in muddy, turbulent waters.  And the soft creatures like flowers and crinoids must have been buried deep quickly.  They did not deteriorate even one day; they were crushed while still fresh.  The evidence is before you in the images above.  Rapid global flood or slow evolutionary burial over eons?

There is a lot more that could be said.  It is important to help unbrainwash believers who have come to think that the first 11 chapters of Genesis need to be compromised.  Rather they are foundational to true faith.  Genesis is the book most quoted in the rest of the Bible so it is no wonder that this new false religion (whether it is recognized as such or not) with its anti-history and weak, unfair god is being taught the way it is, purposefully co-mingled into science at every turn.  Please study as needed.

Finally, this section is called "dragons" because the dinosaurs from before the Flood (a few are shown above) and legends of dragons from around the world from after the Flood complement each other in accounting for these large dangerous reptiles of old.  They've been historically remembered and we have physical evidence (bones and footprints) of such grand beasts.  So many of the "living fossils" have slowly gone extinct down through the millenia.

Paul Abramson, editor of:

EN Articles

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