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In 1963 Reverend Walter Lang began the Bible-Science Newsletter


An Internet Foreward to these historical newsletters and information
about the Bible-Science Association from the 1960s and 1970s.

First Issue - September 1963
Creation Research Society, American Scientific Affiliation, The Genesis Flood, Pre-World, What About the Ice Ages?, The Long Day of Joshua, Viruses, Mendel's Law, and The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics.

October 1963

Response to Newsletter is Good, Comments Received, A Study of Genesis 1:1, Bibliography, Bible-Science Filmstrips, and Genealogies in the Bible.

December 1963

Response is Greater than Expected, More Comments Received, Why No Evolution in Space, Problems of Condensation of Sun and Planets, Problem of Angular Momentum of the Planets,  Problem of Angular Momentum of Satellites, Problem of Eccentric and Inclined Orbits, The Problem of Retrograde Rotation of Uranus, The Problem of Retrograde Satellites, The Problem of the Moon, The Problem of Heavier Elements in the Smaller Planets, and the Big-Bang and Steady-State Theories.

January 1964

Exchanges, Deluge Society, Rafferty and Evolution in California, Joshua's Long Day, Bibliography, and Booklets.

February 1964

A New Format, Correspondence, Bible-Science Institute, Filmstrips, Additional Bibliographies, Continental Drift?, and Suggestions from Dr. Paul Zimmerman.

March-April 1964

Creation Research Society's Annual, Vanishing Fear of Sin, Religion in the Public Schools, the Power of Negative Thinking, the 1960 Evolution Controversy in the State of Washington, the Creationist's Library, and Velikovsky's Catastrophism.

May-June 1964

Geoscience Institute, Mistakes in the Bible!, the Heritage of Creation Concepts, Dead Sea Scrolls, the Spontaneous Generation of Life, the Power of Energy, and Paleobotanical Evidences for a Philosophy of Creationism.

July-August 1964

Bible-Science Institute at Los Angeles, the Christian and Science, Proper Areas of Activity for Science and Theology, Genesis Creation Account Compared to the Babylonian and Other Creation Accounts, and Christian Literature as Affected by the Evolutionary Theory Since 1859.

September 1964

A New Format (folded newsprint), Remarkable Growth, Evolutionary Conflict in California, Creation of the Bible-Science Association, Bible-Science Workshop in Portland, and South African Museum

October 1964

The Newly Formed Bible-Science Association, the New Creation Research Society Quarterly, Creation Teaching Tapes Needed, Science Teachers Meeting, Evolution: Fact or Fraud, Eskimos and Aleuts: Their Origin and Evolution, New Study On Luther and Science, and Evolution and Hydrogen Bomb.

November 1964

Texans Protest Biology Texts, Corpus Christi Group Active in this Protest, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Paleoparadoxia, Gill Slits, Life On Other Planets, Theory of Gravitational Collapse of Stars, and The Peking Man.

December 1964

The Virgin Birth, Enlarged Issue, Los Angeles Institute - A Memorable Experience, Geology and the Bible, Giant Footprints From New Mexico, Texas, Mexico, and Arizona, and Genesis 1 & 2.

January 1965

Many Groups Fighting for Creation, Mutations and Evolution, God Created Plants, How Is Your Supply of Creationist Material?, Science and the Bible, Evidences of God In Nature, and Legal Fund.

More Writings by: 
The Late Rev. Walter Lang

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