Man-Made Dinosaur Images

Dr. Dennis Swift       Translated by:______
Archaeologist, Adventurer, Pastor!

Dr. Dennis Swift <> is an active creation science researcher.  He travels to distant lands a few times each year, works with local institutions, and carefully records the existence of interesting artifacts.  Photos of two sets of such artifacts are shown below.

Evolutionists contend that humans could have never seen dinosaurs alive since for the past 200 years or so they've invented their beliefs in millions and millions of years of supposed ancient Earth history.  Conveniently, the belief in millions of years directly contradicts the Bible's claim that humankind and all of life, in fact, have only existed for about 6,000 years.

Dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible and in ancient literature from many countries.  They were called dragons.  (The word "dinosaur" was invented in the 1840's, i.e. after most or all of the kinds of dinosaurs/dragons had gone extinct.)  There are dragon "legends" remembered in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, Russia, ancient Rome, among the Anglo-Saxons, within several regions of Africa, and even scattered across North and South America.  Before humans (and possibly environmental changes) killed them off over the course of thousands of years there is evidence - from around the world! - that humans saw dinosaurs (dragons) out in the wild.

These images tell part of a story.  Examine them here yourselves.  Just because their existence contradicts evolutionary beliefs does not mean that they must be fraudulent in nature.  These artifacts (many found in the 1940's and 50's) are mute testimony.  Notice that the dinosaurs are not dragging their tails.  Slow evolutionists have finally learned what ancient man knew all along - from their firsthand observations.

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Acambaro, Mexico
Dinosaur Figurines

Nazca, Peru
Dinosaur Pottery

"Man-Made Dinosaur Images"

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