Roughly twice per year, at irregular intervals, I would send out "Updates" to a couple of hundred volunteer translators around the world. But now, not all of my Emails appear to be getting through reliably. This is very unfortunate. I hope things will return to normal, but America is changing for the worse at this time; less tolerance for discenting opinions, a lack of academic debate. "No Hate" they force onto others.

Dear ------,

We have a new - Nov. 2018 UPDATE!

I hope you find some good information.  Please forward this to others, as appropriate.

Blessings,   Paul Abramson,    g2yx82.cn

   g2yx82.cn - NOW AT 760 LANGUAGES!

Over the past half year, I have been slowly & quietly doing something that I'd been planning for a few years.  I have added small sections for over 650 more languages.  They are small, but they're a start!


This corresponds to a small section for each country/island/territory in the world; that's 262 of them.  With this framework of 262 political entities - and with 760 world languages, I hope and pray to soon add about 400 more languages, hopefully by next Spring or Summer.

All around the world folks are getting onto the Internet.  The first thing they do is to look for content in their language!  I want for us to already be there.  We need to have at least basic Christian Bible information already on-line and waiting for them, as this is possible to do.



For so many years this important 3D movie (sometimes called: "Genesis 3D") was in progress.  Slowly being assembled, at a high quality, and with prayer and patience.  Now it is done.  There are still a few languages being worked on, but we have almost all major languages completed at this time.  And the Blu-ray & DVDs set for 27 languages (all but the most recent, Kannada, spoken in India) is now available and for sale.  "Genesis: Paradise Lost" has been a very expensive and exhausting, but a fulfilled work of love.  We have been volunteers in this important effort.  May the Lord bless each person who helped in any way!

   Afrikaans (AF); Bulgarian / български (BG); Chinese_Simp. / 汉语 (ZH_cs); Chinese_Trad. / 漢語 (ZH_ct); Croatian / Hrvatsk (HR); Czech / Čeština (CS); Dutch / Nederlands (NL); English (EN); Estonian / Eesti (ET); French / Français (FR); German / Deutsch (DE); Greek / Ελληνικά (EL); Hebrew / עברית (HE); Hindi / हिन्दी (HI); Hungarian / Magyar (HU); Indonesian / Indonesia (ID); Kannada / ಕನ್ನಡ (KN); Norwegian / Norsk (NO); Polish / Język polski (PL); Portuguese / Português (PT); Romanian / Română (RO); Russian / Русский (RU); Slovenian / Slovene (SL); Spanish / Español (ES); Swedish / Svenska (SV); Telugu / తెలుగు (TE); Thai / ภาษาไทย (TH); Ukrainian / Українська (UK)

Now on YouTube (affordable rental):




Early in 2019, Lord willing, I plan to *finally* fulfill my promise of 2 years ago.  I had promised to mail out a full DVD (or 1TB hard drive) of the entire contents of: g2yx82.cn.  But, I did not complete this effort a couple of years back.  Please forgive me.  But now - with the additional 650 languages! - it will have even more quality Bible-supporting content on it.

I will write again when I get to this point, early in 2019.



Prayerfully, I have been thinking about something important.  And I request your prayers.  The world is becoming more unstable.  Even here in the US, there are technology companies and sections of government that want to limit the rights of others.  Censorship is starting to take root; it is shocking, but it is happening here.

Last July I told you that some high level "person(s)" were attacking my iPhone and my Internet access.  It happened for about 2 weeks in late June.  The day I queried the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) - it stopped.  I had asked the EFF if they were aware of rogue US government spy agencies targeting US citizens, i.e. the so-called "deep state."  I was not able to complete phone calls reliably, and separately my web access was significantly reduced. It was an attack, but with "no fingerprints" on it.  (However God knows.)  But anyway, the attacks against me did stop at that time.

I use a "MikroTik" router (from Latvia, very secure), and "Linux Mint 19" (instead of Windows) in order to be much more secure than the average person.  (I would use "Linux Qubes 4.0" if it would work on my hardware.)  Also, I have my data & web access split and copied onto 3 computers.  No average hacker could easily get to me. But someone with undocumented spy tools could, of course.  If someone was able to attack me (me, as a person) by hitting both my phone and my computers on the same days, this is probably (I think) an attack by someone with power & access in the US government, i.e. not from overseas.  To hit my phone access too!?  ...

It was about a week ago, in the evening (after business hours) when I added the 650 new languages.  It was probably the biggest one-time update that I have ever done, after 5 months of intensive labor, all at one time.  Well, guess what?  Early the next morning the attacks began again!  I had trouble sending phone text messages for 2-3 days after that.  And my Linux computer's Firefox kept crashing.  It had never done that before.  After 2-3 days the attacks stopped though. (Maybe he/they got caught by a supervisor? I don't know.)

MIRRORS - I think the time (by early next year) may be right to ask a few persons to set up "Mirror web sites" of g2yx82.cn.  In other words, I would like for us to *pray* about the possibility of making and posting the entire contents of the web site to also be available from other parts of the world.  What do you think about this idea?  Be advised that it is expensive to do!  The total contents of g2yx82.cn (with its hundreds of compressed videos, in dozens of languages) is a few hundred gigabytes.  That can cost a lot to host this much information on servers each month. ("HTTrack" Website Copier can make a full copy of most web sites.)

John 3:30  "He must increase, but I must decrease."  That was John the Baptist's attitude.  I want it to be mine as well, my brothers and sisters.  I have the privilege of *coordinating* this effort, but it is the Lord's, not mine.

It is funny to me, but I am a man who is actually well below the poverty line in the US.  Again, it is humorous to me.  I am not complaining.  Jesus said, (Luke 22:35) "And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye anything? And they said, 'Nothing'."

Almost no one donates.  No one.  I am older now (61), and it is harder and harder to find a good job.  3 of my last 4 jobs have been hard on my back.  A back injury can be dangerous.  I have a small, cheap house in a bad neighborhood, in southern Indiana.  I thank the Lord that my house has not been broken into.  There are a few drug houses in the area.  But up until now, thank the Lord, my home and my small car have not been destroyed.  Well, prayerfully, as I have finished the big 650 languages, and 262 countries project - I must again go out and find another job.  Prayers requested.



We are all imperfect.  We are each a sinner in need of God's love and forgiveness.  That is why Jesus died on the Cross for each one of us.  We are seeing sin and iniquity exalted in the West these days.  Perverse sexual sins and rampant drug use are debilitating our cultures.  In the news there is so much false news being reported daily.

In Jesus' day, in Israel 2,000 years ago, He had to deal with demons on a regular basis.  Binding and casting out the unclean spirits was important for both Him and for the Apostles after Him.  This must be done in a businesslike manner.  Jesus never taunted Satan or his legion of fallen angels.  In fact, Scripture tells us to deal with them "respectfully" or with caution.

It is the unrighteous that foolishly mock Satan.  II Peter 2:10 "... [T]hey [the unrighteousness] are not afraid to speak evil of dignities."  See:  II Peter 2:9-11 & Jude 1:8-9

We were created below the angels (Psalm 8:5).  Yet Christ gave us power over the fallen ones, to use judiciously.  Luke 10:20  "But don't be glad because the evil spirits obey you; rather be glad because your names are written in heaven."

If you have to deal directly with the unclean spirits in a person or when oppressing someone, always, always first ask the non-believers to leave the room or the building.  They won't know what is going on, and the person(s) could suddenly get angry or scared, or begin yelling.  Have them leave first.  Acts 8:7  "For unclean spirits, crying with loud voice, came out of many that were possessed with them: and many taken with palsies, and that were lame, were healed."  Sometimes they will scream or begin to animate the person, or cause sudden illness.

Even a pastor, priest or rabbi may succumb to evil powers.  So, ask unbelievers to leave the place; then pray for the Lord's protection for yourself and those with you.  After that, in Jesus' Name, you can begin to deal with the demons.



He is continuing with his (DAL) "Dinosaur Adventure Land" in Alabama!  www.drdino.com  I called and spoke with him for a couple of minutes yesterday morning.  (He seems as busy as ever.)  He is always looking for volunteers to help build their DAL site (about an hour north of Pensacola, just west of I-65, Exit #83, in Alabama). Stay for a week or a month; he'll provide the hammer and saw!  They have bunkhouses and meals provided for the volunteers.

   Dr. Hovind also has an active YouTube channel:

My brothers & sisters, there is still - after 12 years - some problems within the Hovind Family, I am sorry to report.  I mention this in order to ask for your PRAYERS.  I believe that Dr. Hovind's work has touched more lives for Christ, in more countries, than almost any other Biblical apologetics teacher!  His seminars and his debates are brilliant.

Also though, others in his family are working hard, but separately, to promote the Lord's Word and the truth of creation into many lands.  I am a person who has had the unique privilege of helping both main ministries.

Look, I know that it is not my place to try to pass judgment either way.  And Heaven knows I sure am imperfect!  Wow - it is amazing that the Lord uses (little 'ol) ME, let me tell you!  ;-)  PLEASE PRAY FOR THE HOVINDS!



This important creation center is now almost completed!!  It is in Dallas, Texas.  (I think I have mentioned it previously.)   This will be a major creation science museum!



Dr. Baugh (also in Texas) has a wonderful *virtual* museum tour, on your computer.  (I have mentioned this in the past, a couple of years ago.)  It is definitely worth "visiting" via your computer.   (Scroll down, to the "museum tour".)  It takes a couple of minutes to get used to moving around with your mouse.  But you can go through the entire museum, for free!



Here's a new, interesting AiG article, about wasps:
   "Why Are Wasps So Evil?"


And here is a new article from:  (CMI) creation.com:
   "Isn’t it obvious? Natural selection can eliminate, but never create!"


Mr. John Mackay - continues his excellent periodic "Creation Research Newsletters":

  (Watch one or two of his videos; John is a superb creation science speaker.)



Well, this is a big one.  Quietly, for several years now, I have been trying to find out where/what has happened to all of Rev. Billy Graham's evangelistic tours.  He spoke in some 100 countries! During the 1960s, 70s & 80s, Billy Graham went around the world. Wherever he spoke he was often flanked by one or two persons who were simultaneously interpreting his Gospel message.  And these were filmed.  Where are these films!!?

Rev. Graham had a big organization and they would work with local pastors and priests to organize a big crusade in a theater or big city stadium.  Literature was prepared, translated, and distributed to the folks who came forward to accept Christ as their Savior.  If he spoke in about 100 countries - then logically - these films & literature must be in 50 or more languages, right?

I am always looking for quality Christian materials, particularly in languages-other-than-English (LOTE) that will strengthen people's faith!  Wherever these films and booklets are, it must be the largest untapped resource of non-English Christian materials in the world.  -Where are they!?

BGEA - "Billy Graham Evangelistic Association" is located in North Carolina.  I visited there a couple of years ago.  (They let me speak to 2 persons on staff, but it did no good.)  And for a few years prior to that I have patiently written to BGEA, to Dr. Franklin Graham, and to others, repeatedly asking if I could help them to make these videos available somehow.  I have spoken with them over the phone, I've Emailed multiple times, and I have written letters to each of his adult children, with their respective ministries.

www.creationism.org - is a small, but significant Christian entity. We are seeking to get the Gospel out and the truth of Biblical Creation.  I have offered to help BGEA for free (multiple times). All I want is to be able to *link* to all of these videos.  Can you imagine?  There must be many 20 to 60 minute Gospel videos, in: Arabic, Farsi, Zulu, Mandarin, Hindi, German, Bengali, Japanese ... and in so many other languages.  A short, basic Gospel message!

Jesus said, [Matt. 5:15 & Luke 11:33] "No man, when he has lighted a candle, puts it in a secret place, neither under a bushel, but on a candlestick, that they which come in may see the light."

I want to know what bushel basket the BGEA has all of these quality Gospel videos - in (probably) 50 to 100 languages - hidden under.  I want to digitize each video and to help make them available for people everywhere.

Back in the 1940s Rev. Billy Graham was on the radio in America. Later, in the 1950s he was sometimes on TV.  Then in the 1960s his organization began making movies too.  And he traveled the world. He embraced the new technologies (radio, TV, and then films) with their ability to carry the Gospel message across America, and around the world.  But sadly, today, the BGEA sits back and lets the Internet pass on by.  Their web page is almost only in English. They are flush with cash from so many Christian estates over the years.  But they are making almost no effort to evangelize (except for Dr. Franklin Graham's engagements); and the existing materials of Rev. Billy Graham have been hidden away somewhere.  This is tragic.

I am a little guy, with a small voice.  But I have been slowly pushing and "knocking" on their doors.  It has been a couple of years since my last serious efforts with BGEA and the Graham family.  Perhaps I should try again.  Perhaps not.  But I do request your prayers about this possibility.

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