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#1 “Microevolution within a Species - Yes;   Macroevolution between Species - No”   (2 pgs.)  - Microevolution within a single species is a scientifically proven fact; macroevolution from a lower species into a higher one is sheer speculation.

#2 “Further Evidence of the Cost of Microevolution”   (2 pgs.)  - Experiments on fruit flies demonstrate that, when a species develops improvements within its pre-set genetic boundaries (microevolution), it not only fails to become a newer, higher species (macroevolution), but it also pays a price for its improvement by becoming disadvantaged elsewhere.

#3 “Still More Evidence for the Cost of Microevolution”   (2 pgs.)  - Once again, experimentation (this time on cloned E. coli bacteria) has shown that microevolution 1) does not produce a new species, and 2) carries a cost, because the microevolving creature becomes disadvantaged in one area despite being advantaged in another.

#4 “Microevolution vs. Macroevolution Once Again”   (1 pg.)  - Once again, experimentation (this time on cloned E. coli bacteria) has shown that microevolution 1) does not produce a new species, and 2) carries a cost, because the microevolving creature becomes disadvantaged in one area despite being advantaged in another.

“A New Missing Link?”   (1 pgs.)  - The entire fossil (Kenyanthropus platyops, discovered in East Africa by famed paleontologist Meave Leakey) consists only of a skull and partial upper jaw.  On top of the limited and "messy" nature of the bone fragments, not all scientists have accepted platyops' enthronement as the new missing link.

“Adoption and Altruism: A Blow to Darwinism”   (2 pgs.)  - Evolutionists theorize that the only thing a living creature cares about is perpetuating its genetic code. Thus, the only reason animals (and humans) care for their young is because the youngsters carry the adults' genes.  Under this scenario, there is no place for self-sacrifice or goodness.  ...  But (there is goodness in the world) and adoption occurs (besides humans) among animals, including mice, rats, otters, skunks, llamas, deer, caribou, kangaroos, wallabies, seals, sea lions, dogs, pigs, goats, sheep, and bears.

"Another Evolution Fraud Exposed"   (2 pgs.)  - Despite the fact that Haeckel’s embryo drawings have long since been exposed as fraudulent, the profoundly dishonest pro-evolution movement is, astonishingly, STILL presenting his artwork as "proof" of Darwin’s theory.

“Biblical and Scientific Facts about Our Atmosphere”   (2 pgs.)  - Job and Solomon, benefiting from the gift of divine inspiration, were well aware of the hydrologic cycle and of the fact that atmospheric water derives from the invisible evaporation of water from the earth's surface.  An outstanding example of this is Job, who was aware of the true nature of clouds:  "[God] maketh small the drops of water: they pour down rain according to the vapour thereof: which the clouds do drop and distil upon man abundantly" (Job 36:27-28).

“Do Genetic Studies Demonstrate Evolution?”   (2 pgs.)  - The science of genetics is no better at providing rock-solid proof of evolution than fossils. As with the fossil record, the genetic record does not unquestionably show species Y and Z evolving out of species X. Instead - again like the fossils - the genetic "evidence" is only speculation based on inference and pre-determined assumptions employed to reach a conclusion that evolutionists have already decided they're going to reach.

"Evolutionary Assumptions Negated by Mount St. Helens"   (3 pgs.)  - What Creation scientists have known all along is that pre-determined old-earth assumptions are not substantiated by the scientific evidence.  ... Agreeing with National Geographic that the blast area "is unrivaled as a model for ecosystem recovery" (Ibid.), the New York Times went on to report just how wrong scientists had been all along to presume a certain model for the re-population of a post-catastrophic environment

"Evolutionists' 'Primordial Soup' Theory Being Replaced"   (3 pgs.)  - Miller’s "primordial soup" theory, for so long presented as practically undeniable fact, is falling apart. This is typical of the entire evolutionary scheme - it is essentially a shadowy, unprovable theory that is portrayed in textbooks and media articles as incontrovertible truth, despite the enormous doubts harbored by scientists as to its veracity.

"The Fatal Flaw In Evolution's Dating System"   (2 pgs.)  - One of the chief pillars of the theory of evolution is the dating of the fossils. Animal remains found in geological layers of a certain age are deemed to be the evolutionary descendants of animals whose fossils are unearthed in layers considered even older.  Biblically-based scientists have always leveled the charge against evolutionists that their method of dating is blatantly self-serving and useless - it uses the fossils to date the rock layers, and the rock layers to date the fossils.

"Life Is Not Here By Chance"   (2 pgs.)  - Scientists are beginning to recognize the extreme unlikelihood of chance being the driving force behind the origin and development of life.  Dr. Michael J. Behe, a biochemist at Lehigh University, discovered that even the simplest chemical compounds from which all life sprang - the building blocks of life - are "irreducibly complex," and that such mind-boggling complexity effectively rules out chance as the cause of life as we know it.

“Light before Stars?”   (1 pgs.)  - This theory that sound existed at the exact moment of creation, and that it had a major role in the formation of the Cosmos, ties in wonderfully with the statement that God said, "Let there be light." Before the discovery of sonoluminescence, theologians and Bible scholars could only offer guesses as to why God thought it necessary to "say" anything to create light.

"Lost River Of Eden discovered By Satellite"   (2 pgs.)  - The July/August 1996 issue of  Biblical Archaeology Review, (a magazine which, despite its name, does not support a literal belief in the Bible,) gave a detailed report on the discovery of Eden’s long-lost fourth river, the Wadi Al-Batin or Rimah-Batin, which Professor El-Baz had renamed the Kuwait River.

“New Discovery Challenges Star-Dating Techniques”   (1 pgs.)  - A team of astronomers, using the orbiting Chandra X-ray telescope, has discovered that a particular pulsar (a collapsed star that emits regular bursts of energy) was a remnant of a supernova reported by Chinese astronomers in 386 AD. (When a star approaches the end of its stellar "life," it explodes into a supernova; in some cases, these supernovae can be seen from earth with the naked eye.) "This connection," reported the Boston Globe, "proved that the pulsar was dramatically younger than once believed - less than 2,000 years old rather than 24,000."

"No 'Missing Link' Between Animals and Humans"   (2 pgs.)  - Despite the overt lack of proof for one of the most vital, elemental steps on the alleged ladder of human evolution, supporters of Darwin’s theory continue to present it as incontrovertible truth to an unsuspecting public.

“ 'Piltdown Chicken' — Another Evolutionary Hoax”   (2 pgs.)  - In 1999, National Geographic published a photograph of a creature which "proved" that birds evolved from dinosaurs. Named Archaeoraptor, it was discovered in China.  A Chinese farmer had glued two separate fossils together and sold "it" to a fossil dealer.   In an article on the twenty greatest scientific blunders in the past twenty years, Discover magazine listed "Piltdown Chicken," its term for the fraud.

“The Recent, Catastrophic Formation of the Grand Canyon”   (1 pgs.)  - The canyon was formed by the rapid movement of water, bolstering Creationist theories that it was formed by the Genesis Flood.  Geologists are coming to realize two facts about the Grand Canyon long known by Creationists: it is younger than previously assumed, and it was formed catastrophically.

“Scientists Reduce Ages of Celestial Bodies”   (2 pgs.)  - What is interesting to note in this is that the more advanced scientists' dating methods become, the younger they discover the stars to be, and not the other way around. In other words, improved scientific technology has proven to be the friend of young-universe Creationists, not the enemy.

“The Trilobite’s Eye: An Embarrassment to Evolution”   (1 pgs.)  - One of the most remarkable clues to the existence of an Intelligent Designer behind the astonishing complexity of the animal world is the eye of the trilobite. Trilobites are extinct invertebrates that swarmed the oceans in uncountable numbers during earth's early history. The creature's most notable feature was its phenomenally advanced, complex eyes.

"Two Tough Questions Regarding The Biblical Flood"   (2 pgs.)  - Two questions skeptics frequently ask regarding the Flood narrative found in the Book of Genesis are the following: 1) How did Noah and his seven companions aboard the ark take care of all those animals? 2) Where did all the waters go when the surface of the Earth dried up after the Flood? These are reasonable questions that deserve reasonable answers.

"Darwin's Finches"   (1 pg.)  - The observation of the speciation of Darwin's finches in the wild. This is compared to belief in evolution (macroevolution) that rests on assumption, not hard data. But intraspecific microevolution (small changes within a species), is fully scientific, indicating a wise Designer in the first place.

"Glaciers and the Flood"   (1 pg.)  - The Greenland ice cores have shown that it is a mistake to regard our own, relatively benign experience of the climate as the norm. The ice shows that the past was a period of intense instability.

"The Unreliability of Some Old-Earth Dating Methods"   (1 pg.)  - Many of the dating methods which claim to provide unarguable evidence for ancient fossils are deeply flawed or based on assumptions rather than facts.

"Vestigial Organs Do Not Prove Evolution"   (1 pg.)  - One of the alleged pillars of evolutionary evidence is the presence of so-called vestigial organs - body parts that are now useless, but which scientists theorize must have been fully functional in the distant past, when we were animals and needed them.

"The 'Anthropic Principle' "   (1 pg.)  - Much has been said recently about the "anthropic principle," a concept that deals with the origin of the universe.  The cosmos not only appears fine-tuned for life, but also seems to be run like a giant computer.

"Does 'Dinofuzz' Prove Bird Evolution?"   (1 pg.)  - One of the biggest controversies in evolution today is the belief that birds evolved from dinosaurs, and that proof of this can be found in the fossil record.  The allegedly feather-like filaments seen imprinted in the Sinornithosaurus fossil are exactly that - filaments. Moreover, they are not even the filaments themselves, but fossilized impressions of them, so direct analysis cannot be made.

"Fins to Feet?"   (1 pg.)  - Evolutionists claim that fish evolved feet from their fins, allowing them to crawl onto land.  But there is no fossil evidence that a four-footed fish ("tetrapod") left the water to venture onto land.

#1 "Evolutionary 'Tree of Life' Being Scrapped"   (1 pg.)  - One of the best-known evolutionary images is the "tree of life," which shows the human family tree growing from primitive, ape-like ancestors to full-fledged humans.  It is one of the most effective tools in tricking people into believing in human evolution, and it is being scrapped.

#2 "Tree of Life Rejected, Part 2"   (1 pg.)  - This "tree" is based on cladistics, which uses computer programs to compare fossils and fossils fragments in order to determine the identity and evolutionary history of a species.  Cladistics and "tree-building" have failed because, as it turns out, visible differences between the remains of two alleged evolutionary cousins do not prove that each represents a "branch" on an evolutionary tree that sprang from a common ancestor.

"Whale Evolution?"   (1 pg.)  - Excavations in Pakistan turned up foot bones of Pakicetus and another alleged ancestor of today's whales, Ichthyolestes, and the mesonychid theory was finally dropped, despite what had appeared to be overwhelming fossil evidence in its favor. The reason was that all members of the artiodactyl family have a unique feature in their anklebones known as a "double-pulleyed astragalus."

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